Sunday, 19 October 2014

Seeded with Stones

I am growing a plantation
In my heart.
It’s been seeded with stones
Leaves, shells and fish bones.
Seals might grow next to 
A grove of eagles.
I will water it with my tears and saliva. 

Tiny ears of dormice will appear
Breaking through the morning suns greeting
Rainbows will hoe the ground to make anew
Once the harvest of a million little Earths
Growing like bells have been gathered. 
These will be strewn across the heavens.
I will tend the tender shoots
Of the gossamer Souls vine like reaching.

Come sit with me 
Climb into my Hearts Plantation
Where freedom lives and breathes clear air. 
You will notice its beat sounds like oceans movement.
You will taste honey as bees land on your
Come – climb within
And Hear My Love.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Recipe for Beginning

Recipe for Beginning

Take Seven Directions
And blend them with an oak wand
In a clay bowl made of your hands.
Feel, see, the heat of rising sun whooshing
To whirl with fire and noon,
Tempered by water and swimming things in a mix,
To set in stone with rattles shaking your bones.
Take this all to bed with you,
Make love to them with all of you…
Dream of Trees limbs shooting out your ears and eyes
Root deeply… hear the sound of the earth
Be the silent eyes of the mountain rooted,
With ages of knowing and the rumble
Of the deep earths core.
Lie on the beach, limp, with the water lap,  lapping you
Lifting you with each surge.
Deeper, higher into suns flame while the Sky watches
The center of you washing magic in…

Awaken to bake this all
Into words,
That can Feed the World.
Walk with light visible on your heels,
Don’t ascend yet.

There is too much to tell… 

Unfurling You

I see you,
I know you…
Your sap rises unbidden,
Fleshing out those limbs unseen
Your back arches looking up
Into the Bright Fire
Wide Sky,
Feeling the crackle in your limbs
Unfolding in tenuous shivering not perceived by the naked eye

Only You ~
What blossoming


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Discernment is a very fine, close cousin to Intuition…

The Western Cape Spring brings even more magic than usual, Proteas, Pincushions, a million pink, yellow, tiny purple faces opening to the day. I have a particular gnarled squat tree that I head up to go and sit beside, when called to do so. I had not been for a while but was eyeing the huge Pincushion bushes  on route to it… so out of a desire to see one of my favourite Protea types, I headed up. It’s a lovely meandering narrow walk, and I am so aware that  the rock and sand I tread upon was under the ocean millions of years ago. 

The rock formations here show the water erosion well… As I got closer, I could feel the frown of puzzlement forming on my brow. It was NOT a Pincushion bush! I would have sworn it was when I looked at it from afar… no less beautiful though…

Another incident -

A few days ago I was meandering to a deli In Kommetjie (10km away from me, no shops in my town for eggs and other goodies!) when I spotted a Porcupine quill in the road! Porcupine is one of my animal totems, so I slowed down, pulled over and went to retrieve it. It was a beautiful striped stick! Not what I thought it was…

Now these two incidences added to what I had been thinking about for some time, around peoples posts on Social Media sites. My eyebrows are raised at what is seen to be true, “photoshopped true” , mass hysteria “ true”… etc…

Discernment is a very fine close cousin to Intuition…

Just because something has been presented and mass shared, liked, angry shared, outrage shared – does not mean it is necessarily REAL…

Use this fine tool Beautiful Shining Ones… Do not lose yourself in hysteria, or amazement. Rather look up from your screen, take a walk outside and rather be fooled by mother natures cleverness. This is true…

Monday, 22 September 2014

I looked down on my birthing Being, light as Air I became the Wing of birds

I am starting to see that I could possibly be more in tune with All that Is if I were Receptive. It feels as if my most natural learning state is Receptive. I see, hear, taste, touch, ingest, take in. This is all a receiving state. I believe I will serve myself better if I begin to step towards this more fully. This Seeing has been arriving in this last month of learning with Grandmother Robin… My life has been giving, teaching, writing, this last 8 years, and suddenly I am in this Grace of receiving. Tears spill as I write this. What a profound blessing.

With this epiphany still incubating. I stepped out of my car to the biting wind, to ready myself to Dance with Horses and Sisters. We smudged, we shared, we heart resonated and then it began…

I was lifted into the East, I rose, I soared, bright flaming Yellow, I looked down on my birthing Being, light as Air I became the Wing of birds, I AM, no thought, and slowly descended, called to Home… within a few heartbeats, I was filled with Excitement, passion, my body FIRE as I stomped the earth and whirled into the heat of the day, my blood, red pumping coursing… I was within the hooved Ones, great heart beating Oh I was the Movement, my arms windmills, air still around me fuelling my fire…to dive straight into the Ocean, Westwards, I swam, tears joining the sweat on my face, seeing myself fully reflected in my Sisters, the colour of night deeply moving me, between, balanced… I shimmered into the landscape from Shore, to be still, to stand, I was Mountain North, Stone and Standing Ones. Those ones who move in another time dimension of slowness and wisdom… In gratitude and still serenity, the ones who were before me, were with me… Bright White, still still still…

Coming round from these cardinal directions, (synonyms  for cardinal are: important, significant, chief, key, fundamental) I suddenly was aware of how I was not me. My body not mine, I was my Sisters, I was all that danced me… I think we all needed to find our feet before We/I… swept into the Void, Father Sky, vastness of Eternity no longer a concept, but a knowing. I floated, We/I hummed the Universe, our arms reaching wide as we can stretch bringing Mother Earth through our beating Feet, rolling onto the ground, forehead to Earth, incubations arising, knowing that all is possible….weaving into Magic, enlivening, Oneness with all… and all the colours of my Being shimmering bow like across All That Is…

A Horse blessing to my forehead, loving my Sisters, a haze of directions followed me home, I felt the presence, saw how each element flowed into the other. And my connection to All – being danced by the Directions has given me a different Course within… receptively I will gently approach a different way of being… My HeartsHands ready to receive… 

Friday, 29 August 2014

Dare, face any storm you wish, and feel the between spaces in your hearts limbs…

Fallow times of great growth has Spring pushing in me. The cold with the springs promise - between places. I love shifting spaces, it reminds me of my own internal landscape that has the winds blowing through and altering the dunes of my being.

To live with the seasons being able to flow into and around me has been one of the greatest gifts that I have ever given myself. I cannot even imagine that I was owned by a large corporation 3 years ago. I felt boxed, limited, controlled, and was so often in “trouble” because I refused to be a sheeple.

The past week I have been so thrilled by the storms hitting the Cape. I dared to go down to the beach when I knew that rain was sweeping across the ocean. I’ve learned to read the speed at which wild rains approach (always quicker than you think!) but still I dared. I dared to feel the biting cold because the Ocean called me. I stood before her magnificence, closed my eyes… her booming voice of a thousand memories reverberated through my heart. I opened my eyes, and the salt from me dripped onto the beach. It was tempting to lie on the wet sand and just let the storm come and wash over me. Cold and wet did not have its appeal that day though. I turned and did not look back or rather across my porch till I reached home… just in time.

I read something this week that really stirred me. It was all about risk, we are here to do this in increments or large forms… I would like to share what I read. It lives in me:

"Life will break you. Nobody can protect you from that, and living alone won't either, for solitude will also break you with its yearning. You have to love. You have to feel. It is the reason you are here on earth. You are here to risk your heart. You are here to be swallowed up. And when it happens that you are broken, or betrayed, or left, or hurt, or death brushes near, let yourself sit by an apple tree and listen to the apples falling all around you in heaps, wasting their sweetness. Tell yourself you tasted as many as you could." Louise Erdrich from The Painted Drum.

Dare, face any storm you wish, and feel the between spaces in your hearts limbs…

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Thanks be unto cusps, transitions and wing tips….

Transition – to change, a conversion, shift, move over
Cusp – an apex, peak, end

To be within the cusp of a transition is all of this, and more. To find the strangeness within your body, an unnamed unfamiliar feeling that cannot be placed. I am sure that we all have been in this space, but do we pay attention to the feelings that move when such a time is immediately apparent?

I find myself in the centre of this whirlwind, a still point with the dust of events that led to this point whirling around me. I close my eyes and can touch the edges standing in this strange country side. I know that I am in between, its dusk, dawn and all the in betweens that I can think of…

Shores edge
                        Wing tip
                                        Skin on water
                                                                   Naked heart

I am aware that this is indeed a sacred place. To know this place consciously is to also know that it needs to properly honoured, and the best way to accept this change is to celebrate it. If you are leaving a job, healing from a relationship ending, or new home… get out the flowers and offer them unto yourself. Have some Champagne, dance, sit quietly but mark this time, put an X next to it on your diary.

My manner is of course to walk the beach and offer a thing plucked from the whirlwinds centre and let it float into the ocean.

Thanks be unto cusps, transitions and wing tips….